The Lojong Proverbs Mind Training site

What are these proverbs?

Mind Training is a practice in the Buddhist tradition based on a set of proverbs formulated in Tibet in the 12th century by Chekawa. Through the practice we undertake to connect with our world in an unconditionally positive way, and also to take full responsibility for our experience of it.Unlike many practices it does not require that you sign on to a particular system of beliefs, nor is it something that you can only do on your meditation cushion. In fact, the best practice is often done out in the world, with exactly those people and situations that upset and irritate you the most.

The twin foundations of the practice are Ultimate Bodhicitta, which could be very roughly be translated as ‘Open-Mindedness’, and Relative Bodhicitta, which could be translated, again very roughly, as ‘Compassion’.

The fifty-seven or so proverbs form a very skillful set of antidotes to the bad mental habits, paranoia, and fixed ideas that cause us so much suffering.

Here are the Lojong Proverbs with commentaries from various teachers.