Lojong – Always Train in Three Common Points

Always Train in Three Common Points

These general points are: to be consistent in the pledges of the Mind Training, not to be affected and theatrical and not to have double standards.Consistency in the Mind Training. We should give happiness without regret and attribute all good things and qualities to others. We should take upon ourselves all their sorrow and unwanted situations, accepting suffering with joy. We should strive to free others from their pain, offering them happiness, great or small, sincerely and without second thoughts, in particular towards those who do us harm. And we should not neglect the lesser commitments with the excuse that ‘we are practicing the Mind Training.’ Never forgetting the Mind Training, we should nevertheless respect and practice all the commitmentsthat we have promised, drawing them all together into a single way of life.

Not being affected. In our daily lives, our words should correspond with the actual way we practice Dharma. Moreover, we should avoid doing things in front of others in order to give the impression that we are renunciates and which therefore redound to our advantage. And we should refrain from actions calculated to make others think that we are free from ego-clinging, such as a cavalier attitude with regard to traditional religious sensibilities, or ostentatiously touching lepers or others suffering from contagious diseases.

No double standards. We should be courteous to the poor as well as to the powerful. We should avoid attachment to relatives and animosity toward enemies, ridding ourselves of all partiality. But let us be especially respectful towards poor, humble people of no importance. Do not be partial! Love and compassion should be universal toward all beings.

From Enlightened Courage, by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.